Saturday, October 6, 2007

Great News From Squidoo -- SquidBids!

Squidoo announced today that they have launched a new promotional tool for eBay sellers called SquidBids. eBay sellers can use their eBay userID or eBay Store name to create a profile on their ebay business. It is a cool little tool and something even the big players on eBay should consider for their business.

I would love to see a SquidBid page for GrapevineHill, InflatableMadness, GothamCityOnline among others. Sellers need to reach out and find customers where they hangout and Squidoo gets tons of traffic. Here is an example of a SquidBid page from eBay Seller FreakNoodles.

Seth Godin does a much better job of explaining SquidBids then I would so here is a link to his blog post.

Combining SquidBids with the Red Door Store campaign that some store sellers have started might give eBay sellers some promotional juice.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brand Yourself!

If I learned anything from my days at Glacier Bay DVD (still the most recognizable brand on eBay), you need to have a lot of eyeballs see what you are offering, before you actually make any money.

The same idea works for exposure to your content or products. The more eyeballs that see your stuff, the more potential you have for making a living at this. That's why I frequently leave comments on blogs and in forums. As a blogger, I appreciate when readers leave comments on my posts and I regularly click back to their site to learn more about them.

I also use one public user ID (rksmythe) on all of my social network accounts for consistency and visibility. I also don't post anonymously on blogs and forums because after awhile people remember your name. Type in rksmythe or Randy Smythe in any search engine and you will see links to my content.

Believe me, if anybody is looking for me they can find me (on second thought, that might not be so good). A brief note of caution; don't use your public id as your private id for online banking and other personal accounts.

My readers come from all over the world but they don't all find me the same way. My Squidoo readers are not the same readers as my blog readers, though if I'm doing my job right there will be a lot of cross-over readership. You need to open up a spot on the web where your readers/customers congregate and then write interesting, fun, insightful content and they will follow you to your other content and products.

Think of every social networking site on the web as a window to your content/products, its simple to create a profile and once you've done that you can move on. Regularly update the sites that bring you visitors. Don't spend a ton of time on sites that don't drive traffic to your content or products.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Do You Squidoo?

A great new tool to show everyone where you Squidoo. I thought I would add it here. Special thanks goes out to JasonE for coming up with this great idea. Have Fun!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Using SquidWho to Help You Sell Memorabilia!

I think Memorabilia sellers would get a great benefit from using SquidWho to promote their items for sale. My Jessica Alba lens is getting over 500 unique visitors a week with many clickthru's to the eBay memorabilia I've linked to. Since I don't sell the product nor do I know anyone who does I've just linked to Jessica Alba items by using the eBay module and searching on her name. Imagine the power of really knowing your product and featuring special items on a SquidWho lens.

If you sell sports, celebrity, or other entertainment memorabilia, you might want to check out SquidWho. It might be an excellent tool for promoting your product and best of all its free.

If you don't think you have time or don't want to mess with Squidoo or Squidwho, then I would suggest you work with someone who does. An existing lensmaster can create the content and earn money from the effort as well as the referrals to your product and you get the increased promotion and hopefully sales. eBay and Squidoo -- A match made in ...

Monday, September 3, 2007

SquidWho -- That's You

Seth Godin recently announced it on his blog, so I thought I would do him a solid and also mention it here.

Squidoo just announced a new Internet tool called SquidWho a virtual "Who's Who" on the Internet that doesn't limit who can be included like Wikipedia does. Have you ever wanted to see your name in bits and bytes? Do you want to recognize a special person in your life, maybe a teacher, pastor, friend or family member? Now you can with SquidWho. Here's what Seth had to say:

Are you notable enough? I think so.

It occurs to me that the web is redefining what notable means, and so are we. Famous used to mean Gene Kelly and Mae West, or Sandy Weil and Bill Gates. But with the long tail, notable means: you're the #1 player on your tennis team; you're the top of your marketing department; you're a blogger lots of people read and talk about -- you're the best and most" notable" in your niche, however small. That's the kind of famous that SquidWho is about...

This being the web and not the real world, we decided to take matters into our own hands and launch SquidWho. The people-powered open who's who online. If you think someone is notable enough to warrant a bio, then they are. Your call, not ours, not some invisible editor's.

If you don't like the bio you see on someone, build a better one. It's free. Royalties go to charity. Best one wins. (Here's a good one).

The obvious ones (Bono, Mother Theresa and Jaco) are already taken, but that's okay. Build a better one. Not to mention the room for six billion more.

So, take a moment to check it out. It's fun and stress free but watch out it can be addicting. I've already created several:
  • Monty Python - The funniest comedy group of all-time! Don't Argue With Me!
  • Nolan Ryan - My favorite ballplayer growing up.
  • Will Smith - My favorite actor, always makes good choices for roles (except Wild, Wild West)
  • Jessica Alba -Okay, before you start calling me a "dirty old man" this was a test to see how a popular name would do on Squidoo (BTW over 250 unique visitors so far) and I certainly enjoy finding pictures to post.
I know you are all very busy in your everyday life but take a few moments to check it out and create a SquidWho lens about your favorite person or group. Even fictional characters are acceptable.

Okay, one mention about eBay (I've got to stop doing that). If you are a memorabilia seller, why not create SquidWho lens on several of your hottest selling people and drive them to your eBay listings. Check out my lenses to see what I did, each of them links to eBay memorabilia listings as well as Amazon listings.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And The Winner Is .....

This was such a fun contest! All of the entries we received were very good but we can only have one logo, so we had to narrow the field. The judges votes, as well as the community votes, were considered when selecting the finalists. And then the community voted for the winner.

I am pleased to announce that the Winner is Squidee from faerydae

Faerydae will receive $1,000 in Squid Offers and the Presentation Package Set from A Well Dressed Bullet. Congratulations Faerydae!

Oh, in case you were concerned, don't worry about Squid Dude. He will find a place somewhere in our community. Thanks to everyone who participated.

In addition the three finalists have won $500 in Squid Offers as well as the Bullet Pen Set from A Well Dressed Bullet

The Finalists were: (These were great entries as well).

Finalists win $500 in Squid Offers and a Bullet Pen set from A Well Dressed Bullet. Congratulations go to:

Mrs. Communication, tmfvideo and The Illustration Station

Special thanks to everyone who participated and to Kathy of A Well Dressed Bullet for the winning prizes.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

eBay Squidoo Logo Contest - Finalists Announced!

I am pleased to announce the 4 finalists for the eBay Squidoo Logo Contest. There were so many great entries we actually had to add one more finalist. Please take some time to vote for your favorite. Please only select on entry! Voting begins today August 16th and ends on Weds August 22nd at Midnight PST.